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The Kinette Club of Lloydminster

The Kinette Club of Lloydminster belongs to the National Association of Kin Canada.  We are members of approximately 466 Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin clubs within the Association.

Every year, clubs elect an executive team that consists of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.   Our club has extended the executive, to include a number of additional supervisory positions such as Junior Treasurer, registrar, Bulletin editor, risk management, external communications, sunshine, awards, and membership.  The role of the executive team is to manage the operational details of the club. The club president also acts as the liaison between the club and the zone deputy governor.

Clubs are grouped into fifty-four zones within each district. Elected deputy governors oversee zone operations.  The Kinette Club of Lloydminster is in Zone A, which consists of the following community groups: Lashburn Kinettes, Lloydminster Kinsmen, Lloydminster Kinettes, Macklin Kinettes, Meadow Lake Kinsmen and Kinettes, Paradise Hill Kinettes, and St. Walburg Kinsmen and Kinette Club.

Zones are grouped into eight districts across the country. Each district is led by an elected district governor. The district executive team includes vice governors, deputy governorsand committees, all of which support the clubs.  The Kinette Club of Lloydminster is in District 3, which consists of all the Kinsmen, Kinette and Kin Clubs in Saskatchewan.

The 11-member National Board of Directors includes the Kin Canada president and vice president. The board meets face-to-face quarterly and holds meetings once a month via teleconference. They define the Association’s vision, policies and ends (purposes) based on the membership’s needs.  Six National committees work on special projects and act as a resource to fulfil the various mandates for each department at Kin Canada, as well as help achieve goals set out to further the Association.  Kin Canada’s national Association does not receive money raised in the community. Kin’s national office in Cambridge, its programs and services, are financed through the members' annual dues and additional revenue generated from activities such as Kin Canada’s internal sales division.


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